Working Holiday Programmes across our partner countries

Work & travel on a working holiday programme in one of our client countries

Utilize your time off, or your gap-year or sabbatical time, to combine work, learning & travel for the ultimate overseas adventure; your working holiday abroad. At StudyGroup EU we have a range of work overseas programs to get you immersed in a different culture and build your CV while you travel.

Most of our programmes are combined with a language course, or some sort of course to get you started in the work area you are interested in. This, combined with the experience you will gain, looks impressive on your (international) CV.

For proper internships and traninee programmes, please look on the appropriate page on our web site.

Please note! These are all the 2016 prices (unless otherwise stated), they may go up some for 2017, please refer back to the StudyGroup to see if the 2017 prices are in already

Working Holiday Programmes in Australia
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General information on Working Holidays in Australia

English and Au pair or Demi Pair in Western Australia with Perth International College of English: Australia does not have an official Au-pair visa program. However, applicants can work as an Au-pair in Australia with a Working Holiday Visa.
Au Pair program with Au Pair House in Australia, it is an exchange program and is an excellent way for a person from overseas to experience life in Australia.
A real outback ranch work experience. We take all the hassle out of your plans and give you a full 365 day programme of work and play around Australia – paid at the Award wage or better! We have WORK for all those with Visas which allow work. We have WORK EXPERIENCE for student visa holders and visitor visa holders. Package price for the first month training programme is AUS$ 2,990.

Work and Study Australia with Kaplan is the ultimate working holiday in Australia! On our 'Intensive English Work and Study' course you’ll learn English over 6 months while gaining part time employment. If you are on our 'Working Holiday' course you can study for 12-17 weeks and then complete a job placement. Work and Study (Brisbane only, not suitable for Student Visa) AU$ 4,460 (accommodation not included) 
Working Holiday Programmes in Canada 
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Communication for the International Workplace with Tamwood Careers. Students in this program will be allowed to work part-time from day one of the English communicaton course, which means they can finance their stay while studying as well as work full time during their practicum term. 48 weeks (600 hours of in-class instruction + 600 hours of cooperative work for CAN$ 9,631.

Volunteer. Travel. Grow with Tamwood Careers! Our  world of connections will make a world of difference to your future. Choose your project and starting making a difference today: Conservation Projects (No Work Permit required, you can come on a tourist visa) for CAN$ 3,875; Wildlife Projects (ask for visa information!) for CAN$ 3,875; Community Service Projects (A work permit is required) for CAN$ 3,475. All programmes are for 8 weeks, including 4 weeks English language training.
Winter Season Conservation Volunteer Project in Lake Louise and Banff National Park (No Work Permit required, you can come on a tourist visa)  for CAN$ 3,475. This programme is for 8 weeks, including 4 weeks English language training.

Working Holiday Programmes in New Zealand 
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General information on Working Holidays in New Zealand

Experience of Two Countries (Vietnam and New Zealand): Work – Volunteer – Internship – Travel with the Goldstar Institute in Auckland New Zealand. Packages between 400 euro and 1,400 euro, paid work (14,25 NZ$ per hour) in New Zealand possible.
Adventure training + 3 months minimum Work in NZ or Overseas + Travel (open ended) with Horizons. 12 weeks adventure training for NZ$ 8,620 and 3 months or more paid internship in New Zealand. Unpaid work available in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, and the US.
Study English in New Zealand during the evening and work or go to the beach during the day with the NZIE Night School Learn & Work Package in Auckland. NZ$ 3,800 for 14 weeks (minimum stay). Free self placement in jobs, or assisted job placement for NZ$ 600. Barista certificate course for NZ$ 600.
6 weeks of English and paid fruit picking with the Southern Lakes English College. At the end of your English course, you will start your paid work with an orchard or winery in Central Otago for as long as you like. (PLEASE NOTE: only in the period November – March) Package price NZ$ 2,660.
6 weeks of English and afterwards a holiday job offer for NZ$ 2,660. Range of salary NZ$ 13 - NZ$ 20 per hour depending on English level, job and experience. Working hours: 6 - 8 hours per day, 30+ hours per week

6 weeks of English and a stay on a working farm afterwards for NZ$ 2,660. Includes tuition, homestay and farmstay accommodation and transfers free after the English classes, in return for some work on the farm.

Working Holiday Programmes in the United Kingdom
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NO working holiday programmes yet!

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In principle we DO NOT have working holiday programmes in the US. As we rely on a combination of an English course and a holiday work programme, these are not that common in the US. If this changes, we will inform you through this page and through our usual means of communication with you.

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NO working holiday programmes yet!