Internship programmes across our partner countries

If you're on the fence about whether or not to pursue an internship during college, the statistics alone should convince you to do one. Employers overwhelmingly point to internship experience as the most important factor they consider in hiring new college graduates for full-time positions, and they have a variety of self-serving reasons for feeling that way.

All internships are practical experiences based on your academic background, any relevant work experience, and your career goals - we give you a lot of input as to what type of internship you want, but can at least guarantee a placement according to your experience.  The fee you pay goes to provide the customized placement, arrange housing, airport pickup, on-site orientation and support services. Additional amenities such as Internet, social events, and language training may be included at an added fee (cost price).

All internships are in principle unpaid, and instead reward participants with invaluable personal and professional experiences that are sure to make an easy return on the investment of time and money made. However it is possible we stumble on a paid internship.

For proper working holiday and gap year programmes, please look on the appropriate page on our web site.

Internship programmes in Australia
More information: StudyAustralia EU <- click for e-mail

Our internship organisation in Australia is contracted by many of the most respected student service providers globally to deliver internship positions and associated services for their clients. Available internships through this programme. Cost for this programme is AUS$ 1,230.

Well paid rural internship jobs all over Australia.There is a huge variety of paid work available to them in Australia, which it is impossible to arrange independently because of the Visa restrictions. One month on a training farm and the rest of your time on a paid internship on a working farm in the outback for AUS$ 5,315 (incl 1,000 refundable bond)

Internship programmes in Canada
More information: StudyCanada EU <- click for e-mail

Take your career to the next level by gaining valuable experience on the Canadian Internship Program. All placements are UNPAID and require a minimum of three months. Placement cost: CAN$ 1,500

Internship Programmes in New Zealand
More information: StudyNewZealand EU <- click for e-mail 

Expand your knowledge and skills on a Professional Internship in New Zealand. Each internship placement will be tailor made to meet the requirements of your institute as well as those of yourself in terms of individual development. Price: NZ€ 2,250, conditions apply

ETC Internship Program. Our English and internship programme offers to combine English studies with internship placements. Diverse job areas are available, paid and unpaid internships. NZ$ 2,930 for 6 weeks of English plus Internship opportunity search.

6 weeks of English and afterwards a holiday job offer in Queenstown. Range of salary NZ$ 13 - NZ$ 20 per hour depending on English level, job and experience. NZ$ 2,660

NZ$ 2,660 for 6 weeks of English and afterwards fruit picking on the South Island. Earn up to NZ$ 200/day. Most orchards/ wineries also provide cheap staff accommodation on site.

Internship programmes in the United Kingdom
More information through StudyUnitedKingdom EU <- click for e-mail

Combine learning English with a work placement in a local company in Cardiff and surrounding area. Minimum 4 weeks General English or Afternoon General English followed by a 4-12 week work placement. The price is £ 300 internship placement fee on top of your English language course fee.

StudyUnitedKingdom EU is linked to one of the most well-established providers of unpaid work experience for European and Overseas students in the south of England. These are UNPAID internships! Please note: ONLY AVAILABLE TO EU NATIONALS! Placement fee: £ 750


Internship programmes in the United States
More information: StudyUnitedStates EU <- click for e-mail

Due to Green Card (work permits) problems and general administrative difficulties surrounding internship to the US, it is financially not viable for us to offer any internship possibilities in the United States. If this changes, we will inform you through this page and through our usual means of communication with you.


Internship programmes in Western Europe
More information: StudyWesternEurope EU <- click for e-mail


Internships in Germany. We can help you find a proper internship in Germany in the following fields: Hospitality/Culinary Art; Tourism Management; Administration; Marketing; Retail; IT; Further on request. Possible salary minimum 8,50 euro per hour. Package price € 800 for unpaid internships € 1,100 for paid internships


Combine your internship with a Spanish course. Language skills in an everyday professional environment, that is the magic formula if you want to improve your linguistic abilities, intensify your intercultural skills and simultaneously gain new work experience. Package price 350 euro, excluding the 4 week Spanish language course.