Group Travel for Schools in our partner countries

International educational travel broadens minds and builds intellectual curiosity. It can motivate, engage, and ultimately improve the opportunities available to students. If you're a teenager recently bitten by the travel bug, you're in luck. Check out these awesome high school student travel programs!

The best thing about high school travel programs is that they tend to be a lot more fun, with a lot less homework. The truth is that you're probably not old enough to qualify for a job or internship in most other countries, so your options are mostly with the volunteering or travel programs, which give you much more flexibility and time for exploring, instead of sitting in classrooms or offices.

If you're the type that can't stand to be doing less than three things at once, you may want to take a look at high school study abroad opportunities. While it may not be as popular as your typical-college-junior -spring-semester-romp through Europe, studying abroad as a high-schooler has plenty of advantages going its way, too. You'll get a jump start on learning another language, make new friends in another country, experience a different educational system, eat some awesome (or horrifying) new food and have something pretty cool to add to your college applications.


An Australian Vacation School Experience, with St Paul's School, Bald Hill, Queensland, Australia

For students aged 11 – 17 years in Brisbane Australia. Each week consists of Specialist English Language Classes (11 hours per week), activities and one full day and a half day excursion. The activities are among others an Aboriginal experience, playing Golf, practising Music, Art and Sport. The half day excursions include among others the Southbank Parklands, Margate Beach and the Caboolture Heritage Village.

930 AU$ per week per person (including homestay and food AND including excursions)

Woodcroft College Study Tours to Australia, Adelaide, South Australia

Short-term study tours to Adelaide South Australia for students who are learning English, adventurous, courageous and wanting to achieve success in their education. Students experience a variety of classes at school, live with a caring local family and, depending on the time of year, may have the opportunity to participate in camps and excursions around South Australia. The experience is life-changing and we look forward to meeting those who want to take up the challenge.

1,300 AU$ per week per person up till 6,100 AU$ per pesron for 6 weeks (including homestay and food AND including excursions)


Fulford Academy Summer Camp, Brockville, Ontario, Canada

This school trip is to the school area of Brockville in Ontario. The minimum number of students is 25. The students will be in a boarding environment, and all the activities will be undertaken as a group, but there will be occasions to meet the students from the school. The exact programme and activities are open for discussion.

CAN$ 2,800 per person for 2 week tuition, enrollment fee, boarding and food or 14 days, local activities, 14 days insurance and airport pick-up and drop off (Ottawa). Not included is the flight to Ottawa airport in Canada. Minimum 25 students for this price!

Fulford also caters for individual summer programmes and full time high school student programmes. See the Fulford Academy web page here and the Fulford Academy Summer programme here.

New Zealand

Short Term Study Tour with Westlake Boys’ High School, Forest Hill, Auckland, New Zealand

Westlake Boys High School is very proud to offer you the chance to join one of our Study Tours. Our Study Tours help promote international understanding and cross-cultural communication through the exchange of knowledge, skills and friendship. You will experience a total English and Te Reo Maori language and culture immersion environment, a unique opportunity to develop greater awareness of global diversity.

Programme at 750 NZ$ per person per week, includes tuition and homestay arrangements. Activities calculated on demand.

Westlake Boys' High School also offers 6 and 12 months high school programmes. Ask for more information through or check out their web page here.

Freyberg High School school tour, Palmerston North, New Zealand

The trip is to the school area of Palmerton North. The minimum number of students is 25. The students will be spread out over various schools in the district, but all the activities will be undertaken as a group. The programme is open for discussion. There is a staff members included in the student price for every 15 students.

Programme at NZ$ 2,755 per person for 2 week tuition, enrollment fee, homestay and food for 14 days, local activities, bus drive to Auckland, 14 days insurance and airport pick-up and drop off. Not included are the flight to and from Auckland and the (one way) flight to Palmerston North airport in New Zealand on the way in. Minimum 25 students for this price!

The Freyberg High School also caters for 3, 6 and 7 months high school programmes as well as a 7 week European summer programme. See more on the Freyberg High School here, or ask for more information through

United Kingdom

Adcote School Summer Programme, Little Ness, Shrewsbury, UK

Due to grounds and building refurbishments in this summer, this programme will NOT run in 2015. Keep your eyes peeled for 2016!

There is 15 hours of English (EAL) per week with qualified EFL teachers with classes split according to ability and a maximum of 15 students per class. All learning materials are included and classes will have a mix of nationalities. Activities include a range of sports such as football, netball, dodgeball and rounders, as well as a mini Olympics. There are also team games, arts and crafts, cookery, a talent show and opportunities to try circus skills and archery. 

£ 750 per week per person, including board and lodging and all activities

The Adcote School for Girls also offers 6 months and 1 year high school programmes for grils. Get more information from or check out the Adcote School for Girls web page here.

More information on any of these tours, contact StudyGroup EU <- click for e-mail