Short Term Study Tour with Westlake Boys’ High School, Forest Hill, Auckland

Westlake Boys High School is very proud to offer you the chance to join one of our Study Tours. Our Study Tours help promote international understanding and cross-cultural communication through the exchange of knowledge, skills and friendship. You will experience a total English and Te Reo Maori language and culture immersion environment, a unique opportunity to develop greater awareness of global diversity.

What follows is a projected programme and we will finalise details once we know the exact numbers. Westlake wants to provide you with the best service we can to make sure that we cater for your needs. Our Study Tours all last at least 2 weeks and we can only run courses with at least 10 students.

Programme at 750 NZ$ per person per week, tuition and homestay arrangements. Activities calculated on demand.

In the mornings, you will receive intensive English language lessons. The content and level of difficulty of these lessons will be determined by the needs of individual students: we will ask you what you students need, and we will make sure that you are taught at the level that is right for you. When

appropriate, students will participate in whole school activities, such as school assemblies, athletics day and house competitions. Our morning programme will support students’ English language development, as well as giving you a taste of life at Westlake.

In the afternoons, students will have the chance to participate in a range of cultural and sightseeing

activities. These activities will help students develop a better appreciation of New Zealand culture. The visiting groups of students may choose activities from the list below:

  • Auckland Museum and Domain, or Auckland Art Gallery
  • Tramping trip on Rangitoto Island / Muriwai /Wenderholm Beach
  • Treasure Hunt in Takapuna
  • Kiwi cooking – Sunday Roast and Pavlova
  • Film studies – Whale Rider / Boy, or Auckland Zoo
  • Maori Legend and Westlake Haka
  • Sports – Rugby / cricket
  • North Harbour Stadium / Eden Park
  • Waiwera Hot Pool, or Horse riding
  • Maritime Museum and Viaduct
  • Devonport and Mt Victoria
  • One Tree Hill, Sheep World or Snowplanet

In the evenings, students will enjoy a total immersion experience with their Kiwi homestay families. They will be treated as one of the family and take part in family activities. This will give them an insight into the Kiwi way of life and plenty of opportunities to practise their spoken English. 

If you wish to stay for longer than 2 weeks, you will have the opportunity to travel out of Auckland and experience Kiwi pastimes such as skiing, kayaking, bungee jumping, sky diving, or one of a number of exciting activities. Each visiting group will be provided a tailor made programme to suit their particular needs and desires.

Westlake Boys High School, Forest Hll, Auckland

Westlake Boys High School is a state boys school of 2,200 pupils situated on the North Shore of Auckland City. The school is near vibrant shopping centres, beaches and within 15 minutes by bus from the heart of Auckland City. Westlake Boys High School is fiercely proud of its academic traditions and 92% of our form 7 students gain entry to tertiary studies. We expect and achieve the highest academic standards from our students.

We have modern, well equipped facilities with a near new, state-of the-art Science Block, Technology Block and Research Centre. Students may qualify for University Entrance through NCEA or Cambridge International Examinations. We offer: Sciences; Languages: French, German, Japanese, Latin, Mandarin; Economics and Ac-counting; Hospitality Course; Technical Courses including Boat Building; Art, Photography and Design; Music; Outdoor Education : Rock Climbing, Canoeing, Scuba Diving, Marine course; Physical Education.

Westlake Boys High School stresses involvement in sporting activities. All the major sports offer you a chance to participate: Soccer, Rugby, Basketball Cricket, Tennis, Hockey, Athletics, Swimming. As well, the school offers Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Cycling, Tramping, Wrestling and many more activities. No matter what your ability, the school will find a team for you. We will also try to arrange through clubs any other activity you may be interested in.

Our highly acclaimed music department, often joining with Westlake Girls High School, enables you to learn or carry on with the musical instrument of your choice or you can sing in one of our choirs.

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