Educational Tours for (school) groups

The StudyGroup EU has entered into a partnership with an organisation in the UK dedicated to developing educational tours and trips for school groups. Cultural, historic, literature, musical, sportive or for performing arts, you name it, it can be organised.

On this we have highlighted a few tour options we think might be interesting for your students in a historical or cultural set of lessons. Thus it can enhance the impact you are trying to achieve with your pupils. Together with our UK partner we can now design an itinerary that works for your learning needs. Whether it be exploring an archaeological museum in Athens or touring both World War battlefields, our experts are available to give you the best advice and suggest the perfect educational programme for the requirements of your group.

You can choose to let us set up an itinerary for you, or you can combine parts of the various tours on offer. Together we will get the best and most economical possibility for you. Because of that variety of choice, pricing the tours is impossible on this web page. Your wishes can make it cheaper or more expensive, but will always make it engaging and educational. 

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Enjoy looking through the example tours our international specialists have put together, but keep in mind that all of our tours can be tailored to the needs of your group.

The battles, lives lost, stories of heroism and bravery along with the hope for a better future are elements of history that students will learn in classrooms for many years to come. WWI and WWII have shaped the nation we live in today. Your students can discover and learn about important historical places on these tours by visiting landmarks such as the D Day landing beaches in Normandy, experience the Last Post ceremony at Menin Gate and walk through Tyne Cot, the largest British and Commonwealth Cemetery in the world.

7-Day WWI Gallipoli and Ancient Troy in a one week tour

7-Day Visit to WWI Battlefield locations in France and Belgium

17-Day WWI & WWII Battlefield Tours in France and Germany
In this tour special Australian, Canadian and New Zealand itineraries

8-Day Visit WWII Battlefield locations in Normandy
This is a Canadian special itinerary 

Cultural Tours < click for more

Whether your students experience a theatre show in the West End, gaze upon the Mona Lisa in The Louvre or wonder at the magic behind the scenes on the Harry Potter Studio tour; the International cultural tours, organized by our UK-partner, will give your pupils a true understanding of life in another country. These programs spark a passion for travel at a young age, allowing students to engage and learn about culture, art, tourism, history and different ways of life.

Our cultural tours include ‘must-see’ as well as unique attractions, allowing students to become immersed in the new surroundings they are discovering. Students will explore, learn and grow in an experience that can only develop by visiting a cultural new world.

9-Day UK Culture tour (London / Cambridge / Oxford / Bath)

5-Day Culture tour of London

7-Day Combination tour of London with a trip to Paris

5-Day Exploration tour of the city of Paris

7-Day English Literature Tour to the UK

7-Day Religious Studies trips to Italy

Music and Performing Arts Tours < click for more

Full of musical culture, this tour will take your group to famous museums dedicated to music, to the West End to see a stage production and to workshops conducted in famous locations. The tour experts from our UK partner, can arrange concert performances for your group prior to departure.
For the Performing Arts we deliver the most engaging tours set in some truly motivating and inspirational cities around the world. Students will be mesmerised by the dazzling lights on Broadway and enthused after seeing a West End production. 
Take a look at the example itineraries our travel experts have put together aiming to enhance your students’ self-confidence, creativity and performance abilities. Our tours are customised for each booking and will be focused on your groups chosen discipline.
12-Day Music trips to the UK

12-Day Music trips to Germany & Austria

10-Day Music trips to the UK & Paris

5-Day Performing Arts Trips to London

7-Day Performing Arts Trips to New York
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