Insurances – what do I have to arrange?

Planning your study or internship abroad is a lot of fun – however, there are some serious matters that need to be arranged as well, for example your insurance. 

Why is it important to consider my insurance?  

When you travel abroad, your current insurances might not provide the same coverage abroad.  For example, it might not provide the same full cost price coverage for health care that is common in your home country. Also, your travel insurance usually has a limited duration and it does not always provide coverage for studies and internships. 

Your health insurance abroad

It is important to check with your current health insurance whether: 

  • your health insurance provides full cost price coverage in your country of destination; 
  • your health insurance provides coverage for study and/or internships abroad;
  • your health insurance is valid for the entire duration of your study / internship abroad; 
  • you have access to the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), in case you are studying/interning in Europe. 

Your travel insurance abroad

Are you currently covered under a travel insurance held by you or your parents? We strongly advise to check whether: 

  • your travel insurance covers study and/or internships abroad;
  • your travel insurance covers the entire duration of your study/internship abroad. 

What should I do if my current insurance is not sufficient? 

In this case, we have a partner, StudentsInsured, which can help you with a special travel insurance for your study and/or internship abroad. This insurance is called the Insurance Passport for Students (IPS), a tailored insurance package that provides comprehensive coverage for your trip, including medical costs, liability, luggage/household goods, accidents and more. With IPS you are always covered well during your time abroad. 



  • Will you stay within Europe and do you have an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)? Choose IPS Secondary for € 0,82 per day;
  • Will you study or work outside of Europe? Choose IPS Primary, for just € 1,21 per day. 

How do I apply for this insurance? 

You can easily apply for the IPS study- and internship insurance online, via this link

If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contat us via StudyGroup EU <- click for e-mail