World War I and World War II Battlefield Tours

World War I Battlefield Tours

With 2014 marking the centenary of the First World War, those who fought for freedom and justice will be remembered in our hearts forever. Our international team in the UK can tailor-make a bespoke trip around history, events and monuments that will be relevant to your group and can even coordinate visits to memorials or graves of fallen relatives.

Walking through the trenches, visiting the battlefields where thousands of lives were lost and observing the graves and memorials dedicated to those who fought will develop a deeper understanding of the war for your students. The First World War school trips are a moving, reflective experience that will stay in the hearts and minds of students for years to come.

7-Day World War I Gallipoli and Ancient Troy, both in Turkey and various cities in Greece in a one week tour

A trip to the Gallipoli Battlefields, exploring the surroundings and the cemeteries for those lost in WWI, is a powerful and moving experience your students will never forget. Your group will pay tribute to the fallen by visiting memorials and battlegrounds before making their way to Athens, Greece to unravel the charismatic history of this city. A visit to Troy, the place of one of the most enigmatic battlefields of ancient history is of course a must.

Visit Gallipoli (various battle sites and battle cemetery), Anzac Cove, Istanbul, Troy, in Turkey. Visit Athens, Corinth, Epidavros and Nafplio in Greece. And all in seven days. Kindly download a sample itinerary here.

Combinations with other trips or variations on this trip are possible of course.

7-Day Visit to World War I Battlefield locations in France and Belgium

We believe there is no better way to understand the impact of war than by visiting the battlefields on which thousands of brave men and women lost their lives fighting for freedom. Our Battlefields Tour covers important grounds in the Somme and Ypres areas, allowing your students to reflect and discover the anguish of war as well as stories of bravery and heroism.

Visit Paris (including the Eifeltower and the Catacombs), the Somme (including the Thiepval Memorial) and Ypres in Belgium (including the Flanders Field Museum).

Combinations with other trips or variations on this trip are possible of course, please enquire with

17-Day World War I & World War II Battlefield Tours in France and Germany

We have tours aimed at Australian, Canadian or New Zealand pupils. You will visit Paris (including the famous Louvre), Normandy (including a visit to the Bayeux tapestry) to visit various battlefields and cemeteries, Berlin, Potsdam, Nuremberg (including a visit to concentration camp Dachau), Munich. This is a seventeen day trip. 

Variations on this trip or a shortening of this trip is possible of course.

Special Australian Itinerary

Learning about the bravery of the Aussie Diggers, understanding valuable lessons on ‘mateship’ and comprehending how over 400,000 men and women fought for Australia; a Battlefields Tour to Somme and Ypres is something your students will never forget. Students will experience the Last Post under the Menin gate in Ypres, providing opportunity to reflect on what they have taken in on the tour.

Special Canadian Itinerary

The Canadians fought a heroic and courageous battle in the First World War, where students on this tour can visit the Canadian Vimy Ridge memorial, dedicated to the Canadian victory in this area which is considered to be a key point in forming Canada as a nation.

Special New Zealand Itinerary

Groups from New Zealand will be able to reflect and remember the troops who fought for their country by visiting the Caterpillar Valley Memorial, dedicated to New Zealand soldiers with no known grave as well as Polygon Wood, the New Zealand memorial to the missing. 

World War II Battlefield Tours

The opportunity to walk the beaches of Normandy, to visit memorials of fallen soldiers and reflect on the events that occurred in our history is an experience your students will always remember. Involving 61 countries, World War II affected almost three quarters of the world’s population. Focusing on the involvement of your country in the war, our international specialists will tailor a bespoke trip for the needs of your group.

Remembering the war by visiting the grounds on which it was fought will help students connect with the magnitude of the subject matter; changing the focus of World War II from what is learnt in the classroom to something that touches them on a personal level.

8-Day Visit World War II Battlefield locations in Normandy

Canadian Itinerary

The Canadians played an important role across many battles in World War II and on this tour students can visit significant landmarks including Juno Beach, Dieppe and the Beny-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery. You will also have time in Paris to experience the culture and sights including the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles.

This is an eight day trip.
Variations on this trip or a shortening of this trip is possible of course.