Expanish Spanish School, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Expanish is a fast-growing International Education Organization based in Buenos Aires, which offers high quality Spanish educational programs, from weekly courses to study abroad programs and volunteer placements in Argentina, with the concept of excellence and constant innovation and a mission to generate cultural immersion experiences in Spanish speaking countries.

As an internationally recognized language organization we aim to ensure the most effective Spanish learning possible. We follow an internationally recognized Spanish curriculum from the Cervantes Institute and provide students with the best tools, facilities and learning environment to maximize success in Spanish.

Centrally located in Buenos Aires, our school has modern facilities and a wealth of support services and activities to facilitate Spanish learning in Latin America. We offer a variety of different activities every week, so there is always something fun to do! All of our activities are chosen to offer students a chance to not only enjoy Buenos Aires and learn about Argentine culture, but also to practice their Spanish outside of the classroom.

Every week there are always free activities available to students which can include a Latin American cinema club, tango and salsa lessons, city center tours and various other cultural activities. We also offer additional low-cost activities, so there are plenty of ways to get out and explore Buenos Aires with new friends!

Argentina is a very large country and has many unique cultural destinations and natural attractions to see outside of Buenos Aires. We offer both day and weekend excursions that allow students to test their Spanish skills while exploring the countryside or hiking through the mountains.

Our trips include an outing to a traditional Estancia to see the gaucho way of life, an adventure in Iguazu Falls, wine tasting in Mendoza and a day-trip to neighboring Uruguay. We have multiple excursions going on each month so there is always the opportunity to explore what Argentina has to offer. If students cannot make one of our excursions or want to create a different adventure, we can also help them plan their own trip.

Student Accommodation in Buenos Aires

Expanish offers several different kind of accomodation options to ensure a safe and comfortable stay in Buenos Aires and allowing students to practice their Spanish in an authentic environment and fully experience the life and culture in Argentina.

More information through info@studygroupeu.eu

Study at Expanish

Here at Expanish, Spanish School in Buenos Aires, Argentina we offer a wide range of different courses to meet the needs of all our students. 10 + weeks are cheaper.

US$ 210/week Spanish 20: Group classes, 20 hours per week

US$ 285/week Spanish 30: Group classes, 30 hours per week

US$ 310/week Spanish: Group & Individual Classes, 24 hours per week

US$ 310/week Spanish 20 + 4 Cultural Classes: Individual tuition, 24 hrs/wk

US$ 310/week Spanish 20 + 4 Business Spanish: Individual tuition, 24 hrs/wk

US$ 310/week Spanish 20 + 4 Medical Spanish

US$ 295/week DELE Preparation: Individual tuition, 10 hours per week

The DELE (Diploma de Español Lengua Extranjera) is a linguistic proficiency exam that accredits the student's competency in the Spanish language. This internationally recognized accreditation is granted by the Cervantes Institute (Spain). The exam is only offered on specific dates throughout the year and can only be administered by an institution accredited through the Cervantes Institute.

Spanish and Volunteer in Buenos Aires

Expanish offers students the option of volunteering while taking classes. There are a number of volunteer opportunities to choose from and these classes provide students with the possibility of using their Spanish in real life situations while supporting the local community.

Teaching English

Volunteers will have the chance to volunteer in various schools, educational facilities and centers helping educate youths and adults in Buenos Aires.

Volunteer in the Community

Our Volunteering in the community programs see volunteers working with locals to provide support and friendship.

Volunteer with Senior Citizens

The Volunteering with Senior citizens programs offers participating volunteers the chance to work directly with senior citizens.

Volunteer with Underprivileged Youth

This program is aimed at improving the overall quality of life of the underprivileged youth in Buenos Aires. Volunteers will be working closely with children to better their day-to-day lives and living environment.

Cost for the Volunteer Programme:
US$ 95 (Fee) + US$ 100 (Donation) Cost on top of tuition fee

Minimum Spanish course: 2 weeks. Voluteer placement duration: 2 weeks to 24 weeks